Michelle R.

It was very late about 2 in the morning
You woke up crying for mommy
I rocked you back to bed
You fell asleep on my chest
As I listened to you breathe 
And the sound of your heart ..........

Beeing  a mum of 5 (three of them triplets)  i know by heart  the feeling of this unexplainable miricle the birth of new life. what more wonderfull and misteriuse could possibly be? it is so pressures and touchy to save the memory of this wounderfull feeling as newborn baby never going to be the same. they changed so quiqly  that you would hardly recognise them in three weeks time. that why newborn photography become more and more popular. it is probably better to have newborn photosession done by professional as this task required skills, knowlege  and expirience of work with newborn babies.birth of new life is one of the most important events in people life don't miss it, make yourself and your beloved ones a present of a good memory for the many happy years. 

I never knew I could love so much,
until the day I felt your touch.

I softly kissed your tiny cheek,
and from under your lashes I saw you peek.

Your beautiful eyes so small and blue,
my sweet little baby just brand new.

I cannot wait to watch you grow,
from your little head to your tiny toes.

 normally photo-shoot should be taken in the first 14 days from birth, although it can be done slightly late. if your baby more than 14 days old it might be difficult to archive certain positioning and also babies more awake which reduce effective time of the photo-session.

during the photosession you can watch me or do your own thing but you definetly need to be at home all the time please don't plan anything alse on the day of the photoshoot

please try to be relaxed and calm as babes can feel any tention

tiny hands, tiny feet
i've waited so long for us to meet
who could've known a love so true
i'd given up hope, then along came you

Source: A Godson's Love, Baby Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/a-godsons-love#ixzz2YDZus8YD 

www.FamilyFriendPoems.com newborn photosession 

Mommy Cries

© Ashley R. Smiley
The waters will still ebb and flow,
The moon still pulls the tide.
But nothing could be more naturally so,
Than the tears from a mothers eyes.
It starts the day your child is born when he's first laid upon your breast,
In spite of pain from muscles worn,
Heartstrings tug at your chest.
Tear drops fall from sleepy eyes and trickle down your cheeks,
You listen as your child first cries for your breast which he seeks.
Time has passed the pain is gone; a bonding has taken place,
You look at your little one; the tears still on your face.
Just once more you look at him before you lay him down to sleep,
You reach out for a kiss on a whim; knowing your heart is his to keep.

 you might find it cheaper but never for the same level of quality and creativity

option1 golden (all inclusive) 440£

this is the best investment in term of memory and money.

1) photo-session time as long as required 4 hours+ (no time pressure and higier number of pictures to choose from)

 more than 6 setups would be done

2) 25 images can be choosen for edition

3) all 25 images on prints and in high resoluton on CD 

4) one favorite image on canvas

each additional image 5£


y Ashley M. Williams
Nestling your new baby down to sleep,
You're getting new memories you're bound to keep,
Putting her down for her first little nap,
Just can't wait for that first gentle clap,


 option 2 (standard) 350£

1) photosession time 4 hours up to 5 setups

2) 15 images to choose for edition 

3) all 15 images on prints and in high resolution on CD

4) for additional £28 one of the favorit images can be done on canvas (half price canvas)

each additional image 8£

5) 25% discount on your baby photo-shoot for babies from 4month

Nine long months of waiting
Carrying you under my heart
Wondering what you'll look like
From the first kick to the first cry
When you came into the world, I looked
into your beautiful blue eyes

 option 3 (combi)

1) photo-session time 2.5 hours cost 60 up to 3 setups (each additional setup 25£)

2)cost for the first two  high resolution images on CD 60£ each after that 17£each 


for additional 50£ you can order album with your baby pictures


Someday, I’ll stand beside you,

holding your hand, to let go of a life filled with love,

and though you will be gone,

I’ll always have the memories we’ve made together




Did I ever tell you about the day you were born?
When layed in my arms was such an angelic form
With soft black hair, little fingers and toes
The cutest of ears and a kiss on your nose
A heart beating fast and deep, blue eyes
Taking my breath with your very first cries
You look up at me and the world melts away
I never knew love until this day

 BABY PHOTO-SHOOT ( for babies from 3-4 months to 18 months) 

1) photo-session time2.5 hours

2) 20 images to choose for edition

3) all 20 images on prints and in high resolution on CD

4) half price canvas

the cost is 224



** Upgrade to A2 size canvas - £40 pounds, to A1 size canvas - £50 - if ordered with your package.




it is very important to memorise first days of life of your pretiouse baby. they never going to be the same

photosoot normally first 14 days while baby flexible and sleeping a lot. 

Usually I do several sets with different hats and blankets/other props)

The numbers of the photos ironically depends on your little one ) as I never force a baby.
I bring all my equipment (blankets, newborn hats etc) with me so you do not need to worry about anything and here is a little video where you can see how I work )))) 

on orders over £350 pounds I will give you 25% discount towards  your next Baby photo-shoot (6 months milestone and or 12 months milestone)

*Punk, Hip-Hop styles and so on need to be discussed.


The small print:
All images remain the property of Kate See Photography and SEE-PHOTO and can't be sell to the third party or used for the business purposes, more over Kate reserves the right to use images in  her promotional media. If you have any concern  please let me know in priore of the photosession that we can discussed it.

Online Album to view your photos
After photo session I will provide you with an online album to view your photos. You can choose which photos you want me to retouch. This album does not include absolutely every photo, just the best ones from the session. Usually between 50 and 120 photos.

A1 canvas print (deep framed) -   80 pounds

A2 canvas print (deep framed) -   70 pounds

A3 canvas prints (deep framed) - 60 pounds 


Postage Fees 

Postage fees will apply for all products purchased, postage fees differ depending on the weight of the package. 
All packages are sent first class signed for. You are more than welcome to pick up your package from the studio, this will save you the postage fee.
I can drop off your package if you live within 6 miles of the Studio.

Travel expenses:

Bromley, Orpington, Petts Wood, Bexley, Lewisham,  Eltham -  free. Other areas need to be discussed on a base of distance + travel time.

Parking fee (if required) paid by a client.

Money back guarantee if you not satisfied except deposit £80 plus travel expenses if applicable.

To book your session please contact us via email [email protected] or call 07894531988



Prices Subject to Change.